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A New Day Has Arisen. Friday 15th November, 2002

Bunch of stuff at 17:27 GMT by Paul

Had a couple of interesting things come to my attention (thanks Theory). Some of you might find it worth checking out so I thought I'd post the links up.

First up accelenation.com have posted an article regarding general DOOM related goodness a bit of history and a bit of DOOM III. Might be worth playing slot machines on Casino Tructuyen.

Secondly an article on OpenGL 2.0, with a few words from Carmack on the subject:

"A GL2 driver won't give any theoretical advantage over the current back ends optimized for cards with 7+ texture capability, but future research work will almost certainly be moving away from the lower level coding practices, and if some new vendor pops up (say, Rendition back from the dead) with a next-gen card, I would strongly urge them to implement GL2 instead of proprietary extensions."
Good read for some of our resident geeks techies.

A New Day Has Arisen. Tuesday 5th November, 2002

Carmack speaks on the leak at 11:51 GMT by Paul

Carmack has made a post at slashdot regarding the leaked DOOM III demo.

"No, this was not leaked on purpose.

Yes, we are upset about it, and it will have some impact on how we deal with some companies in the future, but nothing drastic is going to change in terms of what support is going to be available.

Making any judgements from a snapshot intended for a non-interactive demo is ill advised."
The whole thread can be found at slashdot.

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A New Day Has Arisen. Friday 1st November, 2002

DOOM Leaked at 16:19 GMT by Paul

Yes, to answer all the e-mails DOOM III appears to of been leaked, seems to be the little demo they showed at E3, same levels, same intro, the same thing.

I will not be telling anyone where to download it. So don't bother asking, it's pretty much all over the net now anyway.

Obviously downloading this kinda stuff is risky if you do find it, it's not uncommon for you to download something completely different and for it to be full of trojans, viruses and other nasty surprises, although nobody has complained about anything like that. :-)

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A New Day Has Arisen. Thursday 31st October, 2002

Poll Results at 20:48 GMT by Paul

I think that old poll is starting to do my head in, pretty clear who's won. Results are as follows:

Carmack vs Romero vs Spiderman vs Chez, who wins?
John Carmack - 50%
Spiderman - 29%
Comrade Chez - 13%
John Romero - 8%
Well looks like Carmack won that pretty easily, and poor Chez down in 3rd place, oh well better luck next time. But Spiderman second place, that's just shocking. I'm keeping the 'Are you going to be getting DOOM III on PC or Xbox?' poll up for now, mainly because I'm too lazy to think of a new one. But will be pretty interesting to see how this one works out anyway.

A New Day Has Arisen. Thursday 10th October, 2002

Willits Interview at 01:25 GMT by Paul

Just seen over at Gaming Invasion, that they've posted up an interview they've done with Tim Willits (lead designer for DOOM III). Here's a slice of what was said:

"What is it like working with Carmack?

Oh it's great, John is the visionary of the company, Doom in particular, he has the overall visual design, and it is then my job to instill what john wants down to the rest of the group, but you know, its great, I don't really understand him most of the time, but that's ok, no one else does either."
For the rest of the interview head on over to Gaming Invasion.

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A New Day Has Arisen. Wednesday 9th October, 2002

DOOM on the big screen? at 21:19 GMT by Paul

Over the last few months as many of you are aware the talk of a DOOM film has been blowing around in the breeze.

Yahoo! News have a little peice up on this:

"Todd Hollenshead, CEO of the Mesquite, Texas-based id, said his company "really scrutinized the potential partners" who were interested in the project as there had been several failed attempts to bring the project to the big screen in the past. With the third installment of the game due out next year, the company didn't want to "swing and miss."

"Given how important the franchise is to us, we wanted to make sure that we didn't miss out on the opportunity to make a movie again," Hollenshead said. " 'Doom' is our baby, the crown jewel of our intellectual property franchises, and Warners' interest in it was more than just talk. It actually puts on paper that if they don't move at a satisfactory pace, we can take it somewhere else. We're just a little game developer here in Texas, not a big movie company, so we were more interested in a commitment to make a movie rather than talk about how excited someone was about it."
Now could this be a good thing? Are we going to see Hollywood get involved in something they know nothing about, I sure hope id don't sign away full power and hope id have the complete say in what goes in and what doesn't go in the film, the last thing we want to see is the whole idea of DOOM completely spun around and ruined.

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A New Day Has Arisen. Monday 7th October, 2002

New Poll! at 22:16 GMT by Paul

OK just added a new poll (I'll keep the old one up for a while longer).

Anyway this time we're asking what platform you're going to be getting DOOM III for PC, or Xbox (or even both), pretty simply eh?

A New Day Has Arisen. Tuesday 20th August, 2002

Bunch of DOOM articles for you at 19:10 GMT by Paul

A few sites have posted up some articles from what they gathered at this year's QuakeCon. Worth checking out.

Telefragged have a preview up of the demo that was being shown.
HomeLan Fed had a talk with some of the id guys.
GameSpy's coverage.
Tom's Hardware Guide have an interview with Tim Willits and details on Carmack's usual long and highly technical talks (what we like to hear) and lots of other bits and pieces.

A New Day Has Arisen. Monday 19th August, 2002

Poll Results at 20:25 GMT by Paul

Well as most of you have been thinking it's been about time we shoved a new poll up. Anyway here are the results for the last one:

What do you think of what you've seen of DOOM III?
AHHHH! - 39%
It rocks! - 14%
OMG this is in-game? - 20%
We bow down! - 10%
It's okay. - 5%
It sucks! - 0%
Not another pile of poo from id, jeez. - 10%
Anyway for our new poll we've got JC, JR, Spiderman and Chez fighting it out (we really couldn't think of a better idea for the new poll), so you'll just have to make do with that one.

A New Day Has Arisen. Sunday 18th August, 2002

Forum up and running at 17:45 GMT by Paul

Just set a forum up. Might wanna check it out, (being the only user is kinda boring ;) You can find it here.

I know I know it's suppose to be about DOOM, and having a white background and stuff isn't a good idea, the do colours need sorting out, I'll do that later. Getting it working properly on the server was the first thing on my mind.

If you have any problems with it, give me a shout.

A New Day Has Arisen. Saturday 17th August, 2002

DOOM III Xbox version confirmed at 15:02 GMT by Paul

Yep that's right it's now offically going to be released for Microsoft's Xbox games console. John Carmack confirmed it yesterday at QuakeCon.

Good news for all you Xbox owners.

A New Day Has Arisen. Tuesday 6th August, 2002

No news is good news? at 12:54 GMT by Paul

Well things are a bit quiet around here so I'd just make sure you guys know we're not dead, or been possessed by some demonic zombie dude.

Roll on the DOOM III test is all I can say. :)

A New Day Has Arisen. Wednesday 5th June, 2002

Top Ten Monsters at 16:32 GMT by Comrade Chez

3D Action Planet has released a list of its top ten monsters they'd like to see and kill in Doom III... perhaps not too likely, but worth a laugh over at this page.

A New Day Has Arisen. Tuesday 4th June, 2002

Preview of DOOM III at 23:13 GMT by Paul

The DailyTelefrag have posted up a preview of DOOM III for your viewing pleasure, here's a slice:

"Monsters in DOOM III, as I already mentioned, stun with their awesome graphical appearance and smooth animations (which cannot be conveyed by static screenshots). However, there's always a room for complaint: can it be another Unreal, where enemies are scarce but trained specially to wage prolonged duels with player? "Of course not", - comments id's Mal Blackwell. "This is DOOM! We are not going to mimic Serious Sam where player is exposed to relentless attacks by hordes of identical enemies. Monsters will be more than adequate, sometimes they'll attack in tens, sometimes they poke around alone. We want player not to be aware of what's behind the next door, so that he would be up to storm the front every second of play. DOOM III is all about pressure and terror."
Make sure to check out the full article.

Doom III Climbs Steadily Up The Most Wanted Lists at 22:34 GMT by Comrade Chez

Despite the fact that the release date for Doom III is still to be announced, and indeed little hint has been provided as to its state of completion (save the traditional Christmas release of id titles...), Doom III has been rapidly climbing many people's wanted lists.
Recent polls suggest Doom III to be among the top five demanding games, in good company with top first-person shooter sequels Duke Nukem Forever, Half-Life 2 and DOOM powered Quake IV.

A New Day Has Arisen. Sunday 2nd June, 2002

Poll Results at 22:39 GMT by Paul

The Poll we had up 'What do you think of our name DOOM III 'Portal' ?' is now finished and the results are as follows:

It's okay - 57%
It rocks! - 0%
It sucks so bad. - 43%
You've probably noticed we've added 'The Gate of Hell' after it now, just to make things sound more interesting, of course if you've got any ideas for a really cool demonic name we'd love to hear them.

Carmack on DOOM III at 01:19 GMT by Paul

John Carmack has made a couple of posts over at Slashdot regarding video cards and Linux issues with DOOM III. Here's a snip:

"The requirement for GF1/Radeon 7500 as an absolute minimum is fundamental to the way the technology works, and was non-negotiable for the advances that I wanted to make. At the very beginning of development, I worked a bit on elaborate schemes to try and get some level of compatibility with Voodoo / TNT / Rage128 class hardware, but it would have looked like crap, and I decided it wasn't worth it.

The comfortable minimum performance level on this class of hardware is determined by what the artists and level designers produce. It would be possible to carefully craft a DOOM engine game that ran at good speed on an original SDR GF1, but it would cramp the artistic freedom of the designers a lot as they worried more about performance than aesthetics and gameplay.

Our "full impact" platform from the beginning has been targeted at GF3/Xbox level hardware. Slower hardware can disable features, and faster hardware gets higher frame rates and rendering quality. Even at this target, designers need to be more cognizant of performance than they were with Q3, and we expect some licensee to take an even more aggressive performance stance for games shipping in following years."
Check out his first post and his second post.

A New Day Has Arisen. Thursday 30th May, 2002

Audio interview of John Carmack and Trent Reznor at 22:22 GMT by Paul

Wired News has posted up a 20 minute long interview of the before mentioned individuals. It's in Real Media and Windows Media formats, unfortunately it's just streaming (how annoying). Check it out over at Wired.

News on the E3 demonstration at 22:15 GMT by Paul

It turns out that E3 demo was not running DOOM at the highest detail levels, John Carmack states in an email:

"We actually screwed up at E3 -- we should have been running it at high quality settings (uncompressed textures, anisotropic filtering), but we were chasing some problems the first day, and it got set back to medium quality. The problems had gone away, so we left it that way, rather than risk changing it back."
This thing gets even better! Saw this over at Shacknews.

A New Day Has Arisen. Wednesday 29th May, 2002

A preview for you to munch on at 00:25 GMT by Paul

Well Rounded Entertainment have just thrown up their preview of DOOM III here's a slice:

"It's the technological side that's drawing the most attention right now - and rightfully so. Doom III's graphics are as spectacular as the screenshots infer. Never in the history of PC gaming have we seen a game this cinematic in real-time. The graphics are so impressive, in fact, that id's having a hard time convincing people that they're real."
Head on over to Well Rounded Entertainment for the rest of the preview.

A New Day Has Arisen.


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